About Me


I’m James, I’m an AI Geek with lots of interests and lots of jobs. I’ve been in the software industry professionally for 8 years (10 if you count the time I spent freelancing at University). I spent a lot of time working for IBM, originally in transaction processing and enterprise application servers. Then I moved to IBM Watson Ecosystem where I was the main solutions architect serving Europe, Middle East and Africa for around 12 months. I’m now a CTO and a part time PHD student. My exposure to both academia and practical software engineering has given me a unique perspective onto how cutting edge AI and ML techniques could be commercialised and applied to real problems.

I’m particularly interested in applications of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing that make people’s lives better, not worse. It’s hard predict the future but I’m of the opinion that AI can be an incredibly positive thing if we make the right decisions about how and when to use it. I’m hugely passionate about open source and “standing on the shoulders of giants” and I think sharing knowledge is the best way to solve many of humanity’s biggest predicaments.


I’m CTO at Filament AI, a Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence consultancy company with offices in London, Southampton and Toronto. At Filament I oversee our technology roadmap and R&D activities, 3-4 days a week. I spend about 25% of my time at Filament meeting new people who have interesting and exciting problems to solve with AI. I spend another 25% of my time there working on education around machine learning, trying to dispell common myths and come up with relatable metaphors for complex processes. The rest of the time, I spend building, hacking, researching and testing.


I’m also a part time PhD student in Natural Language Processing under the supervision of Maria Liakata and Amanda Clare. My main academic affiliation is to Warwick Institute for Science of Cities, a centre for doctoral training funded by the EPSRC. However, I spend a fair amount of time at the Alan Turing Institute too. I’m researching ways to make science more accessible and more relevant using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.


When I’m not working, studying or building passion projects, I like to eat new things, swim, cycle, read fiction and watch movies. I also play the saxophone and guitar and back before I had two more-or-less full time jobs, I was very much in to lindyhop - a 1920s style swing dance.